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                                  At S&T, you'll gain real world experience solving the world's next big problems as a part of our interdisciplinary graduate research program. With our four signature research areas, we are investing in technologies that make real impact.

                                  Check out some of the innovative research initiatives of our Chancellor's Distinguished Fellows in our Virtual Graduate Fellows Poster Session.


                                  Please be advised that beginning immediately the Office of Graduate Studies will accept electronic copies of all forms, until further notice.  Original signatures will no longer be required. Forms may be signed electronically, or an email approval may accompany it in lieu of the signature(s).  Forms and any attachments should be emailed to the appropriate Graduate Studies Specialist per the breakdown below:

                                    • Sharon Matson (students whose last names begin with A)
                                    • Jade Sinnott (students whose last names begin with B-L)
                                    • Kathy Wagner (students whose last names begin with M-Z)

                                  Please note that all Graduate Studies Specialists will meet with students ONLY via phone, email, or zoom until further notice. No in-person meetings will be permitted.

                                  Please review the Resources for Graduate Students document for a list of resources offered by the Office of Graduate Studies.

                                   Missouri S&T plans to resume in-person classes FS20.  Learn how the Incident Command Team is Preparing Missouri S&T to Re-Open.

                                  Additional information regarding on campus  laboratories can be found at:  机器人摘苹果 果农的“世界末日”来临了吗?:2021-4-2 · 因此,苹果和需要细心呵护的作物迎来自动化时代,这似乎是很一件理所当热的事。“采摘水果任务繁重,”T&G Global的首席运营官Peter Landon-Lane说道,“对于农夫们来说,采摘一公顷苹果的任务量相当在长达5英里的垂直梯子爬一个来回。.

                                  If you have a campus need and don't know were to go, please visit the Academic Support webpage.

                                  Information sent to SS20 PhD admits, whose advisors have agreed for them to defer to fall can be found iOS 无需梯子即可 注册苹果美区 ID(2021年4月 依然有效) – ...:iOS 无需梯子即可 注册苹果美区 ID(2021年4月 依然有效) 很多有FQ需求的果粉都有至少两个Apple ID,一个国区,一个外区。有人肯定会问,不同地区Apple ID还有什么区别么?在绝大部分的功能上,国内外的ID功能都一致,但是国内的审查比较严格,部分 ...

                                  International Affairs Virtual Advising and Document Processing is also available: http://international.mst.edu/internationalstudents/currentinternationalstudents/meetyourinternationalstudentadvisor/

                                  COVID-19 Updates webpage for International Students, Visiting Scholars, and Students Studying Abroad includes information on (http://international.mst.edu/covid-19/)

                                  This message was shared via eConnection on March 15: http://econnection.mst.edu/2020/03/covid-19-message-to-current-international-students/



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